One of the world’s leading suppliers to security printers and business forms printers of machinery to apply Holograms and hot foil stamping equipment for the Security Print, Business Forms, Continuous Stationery, Brand Authentication, Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Label sectors. Dimuken manufacture several models capable of hot stamping Holograms, Optically Variable Devices OVD’s, and Kinegrams; most of which also run other security features such as conventional foil blocking, scratch-off foiling, MICR, OCR encoding, numbering, and blind embossing. Dimuken offer several Hologram machines including high volume continuous web Hologram machines for foil blocking, a large format Sheet Fed Hologram Foiling machine, and a Holostripe Applicator for applying holographic stripes on banderols, coupons, tax stamps, tax seals and travel tickets. To complement Dimuken offerings to the security print and business forms sectors, Dimuken has developed the DC-9740 InkJet printer which can be used for virtually any kind of variable data digital printing application including address files, barcodes, bitmapped images, weighted numbering and static text in mailers, business forms, tickets, tags and labels. The DC-9740 InkJet printer is designed to be attractive to commercial printers searching for a versatile on demand printing system providing high quality print at a realistic price.
Website : www.dimuken.com