Kohmann is a leading manufacturer of machines for pharmaceutical and medicinal packaging providing Braille reading system as well as leader in carton folding, gluing machines and window patching equipments. Kohmann is able to assure the highest possible quality and efficiency standards as well as the optimal compliance with individual customer needs in the packing industry. Working together with customers on a partner-style basis enables Kohmann to continually incorporate existing know-how into the development of new generation of customized and high performance machinery. Kohmann has been able to combine innovative technology with proven German engineering. By building up an extensive network of representatives around the globe, Kohmann can assure a fast, customized and global coverage of its products and services (e.g. upgrading of old machines), especially their commitment to a convincing and round-the-clock after-sales support (such as their international online maintenance service) ensures that the production can run even more smoothly.
Website : www.window-patcher.com

Diverse Product Range: Kohmann’s portfolio includes state-of-the-art Braille reading systems, a testament to our dedication to accessibility and compliance with pharmaceutical packaging standards. Additionally, our leadership in carton folding, gluing machines, and window patching equipment reflects our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the packaging industry.

Quality and Efficiency Standards: At Kohmann, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Our machinery is designed not only to meet industry benchmarks but to exceed them. We understand the dynamic nature of the packaging industry, and our solutions are tailored to address the evolving needs of our customers.

Customer-Centric Approach: Collaborating closely with our customers in a partner-style fashion allows us to integrate their specific requirements into the development of customized, high-performance machinery. This collaborative approach ensures that our solutions align seamlessly with individual customer needs and industry trends.

Innovation and German Engineering: Kohmann has successfully combined innovative technology with the reliability of German engineering. This fusion has positioned us as a trusted partner for pharmaceutical and packaging companies seeking cutting-edge solutions.

Global Presence: Our extensive network of representatives worldwide ensures fast, customized, and global coverage of our products and services. Whether it’s upgrading old machines or implementing new solutions, Kohmann is committed to delivering timely and efficient support to our clients across the globe.

After-Sales Support: Kohmann’s commitment extends beyond the initial purchase. Our round-the-clock after-sales support, including international online maintenance services, ensures that our clients’ production runs smoothly. This dedication to customer satisfaction underscores our belief in building lasting partnerships.